Hello! Thank you for showing interest in me and my work.

Welcome to my art studio!


Drawing, painting, observing, learning, thinking, expressing... is what gives meaning to my world. In this web page you will see and share one of my main passions and my way of being, looking, and feeling everything around me. 


I was born in Burgos, Spain, in 1980. I started working on visual arts during my teenage years, but my formal education began at the age of 16 as a student at the Academia provincial de Dibujo (provincial Drawing Academy) in Burgos. 

Afterwards, I completed my Bachelor’s of Art in 2003 in the cities of Salamanca and Bilbao. I specialized in painting, audiovisual art, and emerging technologies. For many years I worked professionally in both fields.
I have also shown my work in several group exhibitions of video art, painting, and installations. I was a foundational member of the artistic collective Menos 1 in Madrid, Spain.


At present I publish my work mainly on the internet.

I sign my works under the artistic name “eme”, but you can call me Mónica.